Consulting activities and services

The Licence pursuant to Qatar Financial Centre Authority Regulations to carry on the following activities in or from the Qatar Financial Centre subject to the conditions, restrictions and requirements set out in its Scope of Licence.

The business activities of Company Headquarters
Typically includes setting strategic plans for the entire group and conducting M&A.

The business of provision, formation, operation and administration of trusts and similar arrangements of all kind
Typically includes:
– Creation of trusts on behalf of a client
– Services as trustee
– Opening of accounts
– Keeping records and ensuring regulatory filings
– Bookkeeping, accounting

The business of provision, formation, operation and administration of companies
The administration of companies typically includes providing administrative services to SFOs, keeping records, ensuring regulatory filings, bookkeeping and accounting.

Providing Professional Services

Typically includes:
– Strategic, operating model and organisational planning
– Financial planning and budgeting
– Feasibility of entering new businesses or markets
– Reviewing data and assisting in the preparation of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) documents and

Private Placements documents
– Advising and assisting clients on the best approach to funds to finance their business
– Business and investment valuations and other financial modelling
– Business restructuring and turnaround services
– Provide advice on formation of business entities
– Business process reengineering
– Change management programs
– Risk management advice
– Other business performance services

Support Service Provider
– management and administrative services;
– services as a registered agent, director or similar officer (including, where permitted, to provide the Senior Executive Function);
– provision of a registered office, place of business or address; and
– any of the services at Article 27.1 (a) to (c), and such other services as may be prescribed or directed from time to time by the QFC Authority Rules unless the.